My name is Seyfettin Dincturk. I was born in Manisa (Turkey). After my high school, I moved to Izmir and lived there a couple of years. Then I moved to Istanbul. After that I started to study in Slavonski Brod then Edirne, then Ljubljana and now I’m in Zadar (Croatia). When I was a child, I had a polaroid camera. So my curiousity about photography started back then. In 2011 I bought my first DSLR camera. I tried to take some photos. And here I am. I’m studying Croatian Language and Literature. It’s my last year.

Upcoming projects;

-Weekend at Monastery in Croatia

-Galician Fishers

-Photobook project on indiegogo.com;

Children of ?stanbul



book demo and more information about project and donate/buy will be there soon.


I have 3 goals right now about photography. Owning Leica M with a proper lens, publish my photobook and travelling and taking millions of street photos.


Previous Exhibitions;

”Ljubljana From Turk’s Eyes” , Ljubljana Castle Exhibition Hall, Ljubljana, Slovenia 29.10.2012
”World Humanity” , Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia 26.03.2013

”Being a Human in Turkey” , Exhibition Hall of University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia 18.12.2013

”Being a Human in Turkey” , Exhibition Hall of Preko, Preko Island, Croatia 05.02.2014

”From Istanbul to Zadar” St. Laurence’s Church, Zadar, Croatia 17.04.2015

”Humble Stories from Turkey” University of Osijek, Osijek, Croatia 29.04.2015

30 thoughts on “About

  1. Seyfettin….The photo of Ramazan is captivating and the various black and white building photos superb! I just took a quick look at your work and am so impressed. Beautiful. You are extremely talented. I love to write and have written several short stories on my blog but have also become obsessed with these photo challenges as I love the creativity though I am not strong in craft/technique! There was a photographer called Diane Arbus who was famous for photographs of strange but brutally real people many in New York City. She was known for taking photos of the dark side a little bit but all are captivating. Are you familiar with her work? If not, look her up. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice evening!

    1. Hello Kathy! Thanks a lot for your opinion. I’m really honored. I’m so glad that you like my work and you think that i’m talented! I really try my best with my humble work. Now I checked Diane Arbus, really nice photos. I like it a lot. One of my photography dream is going to New York. Have a nice day!! Thanks again!

  2. Hello,
    I’m glad I found your blog after you Followed me. The photos are great but I also like what you write underneath them. I think you have great compassion for others.

    1. Thank you a lot Douglas! I feel very honored! 🙂 Especially about words, because I feel so weak when I write in english! Thank you for your support!

      1. Well I can only respect that you speak English as I don’t speak your language at all. But your site is so beautifully put together! Wishing you continuing success sir! – Douglas

      2. Well, I study linguistics but especially south slavic languages. But I can promise that I will get better at writing, and I will take better photos. I’m so glad that you like my side. I will try to post as possible as I can, I have arround 70.000 stash photos in last 4 years. 🙂

  3. Many thanks for following dragonshades. You make contact with your camera, both with us who view your portraits and your young subjects who show their remarkable faces to the world. Touching images. Life is amazing.

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