Split, Croatia

Today I’m in Split. Second biggest City of Croatia. I will be travelling 10 days on Dalmation Cost then I will be in Montenegro and Bosnia And Hercegovina. Right now I have very very bad internet connection, so I will be trying to upload as possible as I can do. Enjoy._MG_0008 _MG_0017_1 _MG_0047 _MG_0040 _MG_0044 _MG_0035

Time Travel to My Childhood

_MG_0015 (15)

I was walking around the streets of Eminonu. I saw one old shop: there were no costumers; only an old man standing there inside. I don’t know why, without a plan of what I was going to say, I went inside. I smelled the shop. Suddenly I was 6 years old, my dad had opened some clothes shop It was that same smell. I looked at him, and I said: “I really like your shop, it’s old. Do you mind if I take a picture of it…with you’?’ He very kindly accepted: ’‘Yes, of course”. I took the picture. I was very excited. I left the shop, all memories were in my mind: the smell of our shop when I was a child, and how my family was bankrupt after years of economic crisis. I still remember that smell, my beautiful childhood.

His Name is Ramazan


Ramazan is a humble farmer in some little village near western coast of Turkey. He considers himself as an Aegean. He has a son named Ahmet. His hair is same color as coal. Curly. Eyes are chestnut color. His wife is now pregnant. She is from same village as him. Looks like they are going to have twins. Ahmet is very nasty, so sometimes his mother was beating him. Ramazan is quite macho man. One of his biggest dream is buying a cross motorbike. He is working for almost minimum wage for other’s farms as a daily worker also he works in same time in a factory of tomato sauce. He says that factory is so disgusting probably he would never eat tomato sauce again.

Christmas in Combarro

Last Christmas I was visiting my girlfriend’s family. Combarro is some small village in Galicia, Spain. I like the name a lot, COMBARRROOO. Ajajajaa. Anyway, I met her family there first time. Christmas time in Combarro is just amazing. I have never seen that many seefood on a table ever in my life. Everything was so delicious. People are really really nice there. They used to call me El Turco. I must say that, there are really golden hearted people in this village. Even that they don’t speak very well english, they are trying their best. And It was my first ocean adventure. Never been in ocean before. So after the tide, walking in the ocean is amazing feeling. Find the giraffes please.




_MG_0017 (2)

Berlin, City and Colours

10 hours driving, from Ljubljana to Berlin with two germans andd one spanish. I really hate travelling by car. Fog and snow. So, finally we were in Berlin. Friedrichshain, East Berlin. So we finally unpacked our stuff. Here is our little, messy and cute room. Thanks to Julius and his mother for hosting us.


First day in Berlin, after we unpacked, we met an old friend in Kreuzberg in an amazing café with live jazz music.


And here is one shot from Danziger Straße while we were going home back. Amazing place. I was thinking that I should come to this neighborhood again. By the way, if you are in this neighborhood and if it is sunday, you really have to visit flea market called Mauerpark. You can find anything you want. Like a paradise.


While we were going home back, I have met a teenager girl in subway, with 2 protector. Amazing protectors. By the way, it’s really amazing that you can use public transportation with your pet in Berlin. That’s one thing I really can’t understand in Istanbul. I would like to use public transportation with my dog!


Here we are, another day in Berlin. My friend Julius told me to try Fritz-Kola, from Hamburg. It’s cola-coffee-lemonade. You really have to try it if you can find it. To be honest, it was better than Coca Cola to me. Germans definitely knows how to drink, what to drink.


In the second day of Berlin, I realised that there is not so many huge brands, shops, restourants and markets. It’s really nice to see lot of local products and places. I really miss it sometimes. Like old beautiful days.

About subway, it’s like a rainbow. Different from every countries. So international. I love it! And there are lot of dogs! But, be careful, if you don’t buy ticket, you have to pay 40 €, just like me. 🙂

I also wanna mention that night life is amazing in Berlin. It might be a little bit expensive. Most memorable night was the night I have been in KaterHolzig. Amazing place, amazing music. Even though I don’t remember most of things.

Berlin is the city of sushi. There are hundreds of sushi restourants. I have been like in 5 different sushi restourants in 10 days. I must say, I’m sushi addict. So if you go to Berlin and if you wanna eat best sushi, go to Haxan Vietnamese Sushi Restourant. Best sushi I’ve ever eaten. And miso soup was just amazing.


That night, I’ve change my religion on facebook as ”Sushi”. Seriously, no joke.

Day of Berlin Wall. Sad history, beautiful street art. Very gray day. Photography killer and very cold. Here are shots from East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall. Okay, weather might be gray, but Berlin is most colorful city I have ever seen. And full of street art.






_MG_0526(Here me and my roommate discuss about the picture)

And here some street art and anti-fa tents. But unbelievable they can live in tents. It is really so fucking cold. I’ve met 3 people from these tents. 1 half argentinian half moroccon who was born in Spain and who is orphan and lives in Berlin now. He says he is an artist. When I ask why, he says the life style he lives is an art. Beside that 1 french girl and  1 belgian guy and one black labrador. They were listening The Beatles, dancing, and getting money from people. And come one, they still play music from casette player, of course I gave them some money.


One more amazing thing in Berlin for me, there are lots of turkish markets that you can buy turkish food. Here our little shopping for Ljubljana, I’m so going to cook turkish meals in Ljubljana!!!


Here some photos from my trip, some important buildings and places. So at the and of my trip, right now in the car, writing it to little papers because there is 17 fucking kilometers traffic jam in Germany, on highway right now. So there is nothing else to do… Anyway, about Berlin, people are really nice, international, knows how to wear, amazing fashion, and workers are incredibly nice and kind. Berlin is so far the best city I have ever been. Thank you Berlin.